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Hey there, I'm Juan Camilo Estela, a Mechatronic, Web Designing & Illustrating Engineering Artist. Welcome to my site.

  • Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 3.02.59 PM

    AppBurger, Native Mac Apps In Js

    After several months of silence in this blog I want to share with you my latest experiment, AppBurger. With it you can create native mac apps written in html, css and javascript with access to the files system, dock icons, window positioning and more. Check it out on http://juancamiloestela.github.io/AppBurger/.

  • html5LabyrinthThumbnail

    HTML5 Labyrinth Game

    Testing out the gyroscope sensors available in the HTML5 api. You can test the game on macbooks or on an iPad/iPhone if you lock the rotation on portrait mode (lock button at the top). When loading the page place the device on neutral position so that it can grab the correct calibration values. Let me

  • wp under const environment2

    How To Set Up A WordPress “Under Construction” Environment V. 2.0

    Given the amount of emails I’ve gotten about my previous post; How to set up a WordPress “Under Construction” environment I’ve decided to polish the script a little bit and make it easier to install and use. If you’d like to know how the script works check out my previous post. Then you can implement

  • este-lado-arriba-thumb

    Este Lado Arriba Cd Package

    CD cover and packaging design for colombian artist Andres Restrepo’s album: Este Lado Arriba (This Side Up). Proyect includes package, cd cover and lyrics booklet.

  • i-will-tell-you-my-password

    I Will Give You My Password And You Will Never Forget It

    Make yourself a super strong password, different for every site and never forget it!

  • diag lectura sin toque

    Pressure Sensitive Multitouch Controller: Graduate Thesis

    My graduate thesis project. A multitouch sensor suitable for human-machine interaction as well as data intensive collecting systems. The diagrams are in spanish. I’m currently translating everything so stay tuned for a more detailed explanation and videos that will be posted on my labs section.

  • particle emmiter

    Flash/Actionscript Particle Engine

    A flash/Actionscript 3.0 particle engine. It supports multiple emitters each with customizable position, direction and frequency. All the particles have a customizable particle sprite, opacity, size, rotation, speed and lifespan. Move your mouse over the Flash movie If you’d like a tutorial on how to make a particle engine in actionscript let me know in

  • Leonointhedesert.jpg

    Leono Concept

    Leono car design concept submitted to the 3rd Peugeot Design Contest. The concept is based on mergin the traits of classical cars with the modern feline curves characteristic of peugeot cars. Its an attempt to mix the classics with the future achieveing an elegant yet aggresive sports car.

  • wp-under-const-environment

    How To Set Up A WordPress “Under Construction” Environment

    Set your blog on Under Construction mode without transferring files or htaccess hacks

  • pixie particles

    Flash Pixie Particles

    Pixie particles rendering engine coded in actionscript 2.0. The particle emitter is customizable in position, direction and frequency. Particles are customizable in speed, size, lifespan, color, opacity and rotation. Move your mouse over the flash movie

  • jce04.jpg

    Xmas Background Illustration

    This illustration was used as a background for a promotional minisite during christmas.

  • Id.jpg

    ID Concept

    Concept design for the 3rd Peugeot Design Contest. The proposal is a vehicle that is easily customizable by inserting any type of material inside the transparent body panels. This way every vehicle has its own identity, customized by the user.