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    AppBurger, Native Mac Apps In Js

    After several months of silence in this blog I want to share with you my latest experiment, AppBurger. With it you can create native mac apps written in html, css and javascript with access to the files system, dock icons, window positioning and more. Check it out on http://juancamiloestela.github.io/AppBurger/.

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    HTML5 Labyrinth Game

    Testing out the gyroscope sensors available in the HTML5 api. You can test the game on macbooks or on an iPad/iPhone if you lock the rotation on portrait mode (lock button at the top). When loading the page place the device on neutral position so that it can grab the correct calibration values. Let me

  • particle emmiter

    Flash/Actionscript Particle Engine

    A flash/Actionscript 3.0 particle engine. It supports multiple emitters each with customizable position, direction and frequency. All the particles have a customizable particle sprite, opacity, size, rotation, speed and lifespan. Move your mouse over the Flash movie If you’d like a tutorial on how to make a particle engine in actionscript let me know in

  • pixie particles

    Flash Pixie Particles

    Pixie particles rendering engine coded in actionscript 2.0. The particle emitter is customizable in position, direction and frequency. Particles are customizable in speed, size, lifespan, color, opacity and rotation. Move your mouse over the flash movie