a da dads
  • jk2

    5 More Mecannical Characters!

    Adding 5 more Fusebox Characters to the family. Hope you like them, many of my friends are using them as msn messenger avatars.

  • jk

    My Nickname Ambigram

    While doodling on my notebook during class I ended up with a cool sketch for an ambigram with my nickname. My nickname is “Juank” short for “Juan Camilo”. This drawing used to be my cellphone wallpaper for it is a nice conversation starter because anyone in a table can read it in any orientation. just for fun :)

  • fbx_posseseddude600x450.png

    Possesed Dude/ Light Test

    Fast sketch trying out my new wacom tablet to test light rendering on Photoshop.

  • fbx_chameleon400x341.png

    Spicy Chameleon

    Spicy red Chameleon illustration is part of the Fusebox Characters Family. It has been used by friends of mine in their msn messenger avatars and wallpapers.