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    AppBurger, Native Mac Apps In Js

    After several months of silence in this blog I want to share with you my latest experiment, AppBurger. With it you can create native mac apps written in html, css and javascript with access to the files system, dock icons, window positioning and more. Check it out on http://juancamiloestela.github.io/AppBurger/.

  • frenteeditada.jpg

    Photomontage And Editing

    Photomontage and editing performed in Hotel Pension del Oeste home picture. The windows are standarized, walls are fixed for cracks and drips, cables and posts are removed and color and sharpness is enhanced.

  • fbx_FrutaTropical600x371.jpg

    Fruta Tropical Website

    Website design and programming in actionscript and flash. The result is a fresh colorful website for Australian Company Fruta Tropical. You can check them out at http://www.fruta.com.au

  • fbx_uMedCiruplastica600x369.jpg

    UMEd Electronic Medical Record Web App

    uMed is a complete EMR(Electronic Medical Record) administration suite built to manage patient records, appointments, billing, procedures and reports on the web. The web app has not been deployed to the web however it has been powering Dr. Bernardo Camacho’s practice for over 4 years. A newer version is currently on development which will be open to the public allowing social network behavior between patients and doctors.

  • fbx_ColtecSystems600x377.jpg

    Coltec Systems Website

    Website design and programming with custom CMS for Coltec Systems. If you’re in charge of a manufacturing company be sure to check these guys out. The offer the best Manufacturing optimization systems in America. http://www.colting.com

  • fbx_wallpaper3600x337.png

    Coltec Systems Wallpaper Designs

    Wallpaper designs for Coltec Systems.

  • fbx_Hotelpensiondeloeste600x377.jpg

    Hotel Pension Del Oeste Website

    Website design and programming for Hotel Pension del Oeste. The site uses jquery for animated navigation but the site has undergone some non-valid changes to its design from what I delivered. You can check it out in http://www.hotelpensiondeloeste.com

  • fbx_Expoclass600x375.jpg

    Expoclass Online Shop

    Online shop programming for Expoclass International Retailer. The online store was programmed according to the logistic and graphical needs of the costumer. The store has been working for over 3 years and is currently being installed as an online store for other retailers in colombia and mexico.

  • fbx_ciographicdesign600x568.jpg

    Compañia Industrial De Occidente Website

    Web design concept for CompaƱia Industrial de Occidente’s website.

  • fbx_MyForestMonster600x371.jpg

    My Forest Monster Web Site

    The site for My Forest Monster Brand required programming and animation in flash and actionscript of all the delivered illustrated material. The result is a highly animated website in which every character recieved animated limbs, heads and eyes. Check it out at http://www.myforestmonster.com

  • fbx_escuelavirtual600x376.jpg

    ACC Virtual School Web App

    Web app design and programming of a virtual school for students who are trying out for a driving license. The application handles student registration, course modules with study material and multiple choice exams that are graded instantly. The implememntation of this web application has reduced paper and transportation costs both for the company and students.

  • fbx_BernardoCamachoCirugiaPlasticaGoogleChrome600x379.jpg

    Bernardo Camacho Website

    Website graphic design concept for Dr. Bernardo Camacho.