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Hey there, I'm Juan Camilo Estela, a Mechatronic, Web Designing & Illustrating Engineering Artist. Welcome to my site.

  • Cub.jpg

    Cub Concept

    Car Concept Design submitted to the 3rd Peugeot Design Contest.

  • jokerfinal.jpg

    RockJoker Illustration

    Joker with headphones drawn in Illustrator. It’s a sideproduct of a concept generation session for a cd cover design. The final design did not merge very well with this cool RockJoker so here it is!

  • fbx_logocolfinanzas205x176.jpg

    Colfinanzas Logo

    Logo design for Colfianazas S.A. Stay tuned for Colfinanzas Website. It’s going live in a couple of days.

  • fbx_LaCerca600x450.jpg

    La Cerca

    Oil on wood with spatula.
    50 x 37 cms.

  • fbx_Nochesdeflamenco600x362.jpg

    Noches De Flamenco

    Oil on wood.
    152 x 70 cms.
    US$ 1,300

  • fbx_Mirame600x276.jpg


    Oil on wood.
    40 x 40 cms x 2.

  • fbx_surcos600x358.jpg


    Oil on wood with spatula.

    152 x 70 cms.


  • fbx_Soledad600x432.jpg


    Oil on wood.
    45 x 30 cms.

  • fbx_2600x266.jpg

    Wedding Invitation Illustration

    A wedding invitation illustration showing part of the workflow. Drawn in pencil and rendered in Photoshop.

  • frenteeditada.jpg

    Photomontage And Editing

    Photomontage and editing performed in Hotel Pension del Oeste home picture. The windows are standarized, walls are fixed for cracks and drips, cables and posts are removed and color and sharpness is enhanced.

  • fbx_FrutaTropical600x371.jpg

    Fruta Tropical Website

    Website design and programming in actionscript and flash. The result is a fresh colorful website for Australian Company Fruta Tropical. You can check them out at http://www.fruta.com.au

  • Untitled-1

    Equilibrium Center Logo

    Logo design for Equilibrium Center. A post surgical recovery center and spa.