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Hey there, I'm Juan Camilo Estela, a Mechatronic, Web Designing & Illustrating Engineering Artist. Welcome to my site.

  • fbx_ImpulsosdeFe345x600.jpg

    Impulsos De Fe

    Oil on wood.
    50 x 70 cms.

  • fbx_Estaciones600x139.jpg


    Oil on wood.
    40 x 40 cms x 4.

  • fbx_llegandoalaciudad600x366.jpg

    Llegando A La Ciudad

    Oil on wood.
    45 x 70 cms x 3.

  • fbx_uMedCiruplastica600x369.jpg

    UMEd Electronic Medical Record Web App

    uMed is a complete EMR(Electronic Medical Record) administration suite built to manage patient records, appointments, billing, procedures and reports on the web. The web app has not been deployed to the web however it has been powering Dr. Bernardo Camacho’s practice for over 4 years. A newer version is currently on development which will be open to the public allowing social network behavior between patients and doctors.

  • fbx_ColtecSystems600x377.jpg

    Coltec Systems Website

    Website design and programming with custom CMS for Coltec Systems. If you’re in charge of a manufacturing company be sure to check these guys out. The offer the best Manufacturing optimization systems in America. http://www.colting.com

  • fbx_wallpaper3600x337.png

    Coltec Systems Wallpaper Designs

    Wallpaper designs for Coltec Systems.

  • fbx_RenderedGirlssektch381x600.png

    Mysterious Girl Illustration

    A pencil sketch of a girl rendered in photoshop.

  • fbx_greatdane600x520.jpg

    Random Sketches

    Some random sketches in pencil then rendered in photoshop.

  • fbx_coltecmagazinead463x600.jpg

    Coltec Systems Magazine Ad

    Magazine Ad design for Coltec Systems. The Ad was published in Semana Magazine and Dinero Magazine, two of the most prestigious publications in Colombia.

  • fbx_Hotelpensiondeloeste600x377.jpg

    Hotel Pension Del Oeste Website

    Website design and programming for Hotel Pension del Oeste. The site uses jquery for animated navigation but the site has undergone some non-valid changes to its design from what I delivered. You can check it out in http://www.hotelpensiondeloeste.com

  • fbx_pasion600x561.jpg


    Oil on wood.
    65 x 65 cms.

  • fbx_LaSeorita366x336.jpg

    La Señorita

    Oil on wood.
    50 x 50 cms.