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  • este-lado-arriba-thumb

    Este Lado Arriba Cd Package

    CD cover and packaging design for colombian artist Andres Restrepo’s album: Este Lado Arriba (This Side Up). Proyect includes package, cd cover and lyrics booklet.

  • fbx_2600x266.jpg

    Wedding Invitation Illustration

    A wedding invitation illustration showing part of the workflow. Drawn in pencil and rendered in Photoshop.

  • fbx_coltecmagazinead463x600.jpg

    Coltec Systems Magazine Ad

    Magazine Ad design for Coltec Systems. The Ad was published in Semana Magazine and Dinero Magazine, two of the most prestigious publications in Colombia.

  • fbx_flyerpandelitaliano388x600.jpg

    Pane & Dolci Del Italiano Flyer Design

    Flyer designed to promote new products in Pane & Dolci del Italiano Bakery.

  • jce15.jpg

    Inresa Flyer

    Photography and Flyer Design for Inresa, an industrial safety company.

  • fbx_Almuerzos388x600.jpg

    Pane & Dolci De Italiano Menus

    Menu design for Pane & Dolci del Italiano Bakery.

  • fbx_panforte600x521.jpg

    Píkolo Panforte Packaging

    Package design for PĂ­kolo’s Panforte. The package is a carefully folded protective paper that when assembled protects the product and gives a uniquely pleasent aesthetic look and feel.

  • fbx_menuPaloAlto1A600x450.jpg

    Palo Alto Menu

    Menu design for Colombian Coffee shop Palo Alto Cafe. Work included food photography and graphic design.

  • jce03.jpg

    La Cava Del Rio Magazine Ad

    Magazine Ad design and product photography for la Cava del Rio.

  • Untitled-2

    PAS Campaign Banner

    8 feet banner designed to promote a motivational campaign inside Emcali.