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  • jce04.jpg

    Xmas Background Illustration

    This illustration was used as a background for a promotional minisite during christmas.

  • jokerfinal.jpg

    RockJoker Illustration

    Joker with headphones drawn in Illustrator. It’s a sideproduct of a concept generation session for a cd cover design. The final design did not merge very well with this cool RockJoker so here it is!

  • fbx_2600x266.jpg

    Wedding Invitation Illustration

    A wedding invitation illustration showing part of the workflow. Drawn in pencil and rendered in Photoshop.

  • fbx_RenderedGirlssektch381x600.png

    Mysterious Girl Illustration

    A pencil sketch of a girl rendered in photoshop.

  • fbx_greatdane600x520.jpg

    Random Sketches

    Some random sketches in pencil then rendered in photoshop.

  • jce31.jpg

    Random Car Sketch

    A concept car sketch done with pencil and rendered with markers.

  • fbx_fish600x600.jpg

    Top 5 Mecannical Characters

    These are the top 5 Fusebox Characters. The most wanted of all are now part of the Fusebox Character family!

  • fbx_tinkerbell600x420.jpg


    An illustration made while I tried out Corel Painter. Did I like to use Corel Painter? the results speak for themselves. Totally recomended.

  • fbx_3eyedpurplemonster574x372.jpg

    3 New MecannicalMonsters!

    These are some recent sketches I did in photoshop of random monsters. Just for fun :)

  • fbx_panforte600x521.jpg

    Píkolo Panforte Packaging

    Package design for PĂ­kolo’s Panforte. The package is a carefully folded protective paper that when assembled protects the product and gives a uniquely pleasent aesthetic look and feel.

  • fbx_coolassdonkey400x417.jpg

    3 New Mecannical Characters!

    3 new characters to the Fusebox Character family. Check out the video of how the squirrel was drawn at the end of this post.

  • Speed painting a random dude - Windows Live Writer

    Speed Painting A Random Dude

    Speed painting a random dude to test out my wacom tablet.