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  • este-lado-arriba-thumb

    Este Lado Arriba Cd Package

    CD cover and packaging design for colombian artist Andres Restrepo’s album: Este Lado Arriba (This Side Up). Proyect includes package, cd cover and lyrics booklet.

  • Leonointhedesert.jpg

    Leono Concept

    Leono car design concept submitted to the 3rd Peugeot Design Contest. The concept is based on mergin the traits of classical cars with the modern feline curves characteristic of peugeot cars. Its an attempt to mix the classics with the future achieveing an elegant yet aggresive sports car.

  • jce04.jpg

    Xmas Background Illustration

    This illustration was used as a background for a promotional minisite during christmas.

  • Id.jpg

    ID Concept

    Concept design for the 3rd Peugeot Design Contest. The proposal is a vehicle that is easily customizable by inserting any type of material inside the transparent body panels. This way every vehicle has its own identity, customized by the user.

  • Cub.jpg

    Cub Concept

    Car Concept Design submitted to the 3rd Peugeot Design Contest.

  • jokerfinal.jpg

    RockJoker Illustration

    Joker with headphones drawn in Illustrator. It’s a sideproduct of a concept generation session for a cd cover design. The final design did not merge very well with this cool RockJoker so here it is!

  • fbx_logocolfinanzas205x176.jpg

    Colfinanzas Logo

    Logo design for Colfianazas S.A. Stay tuned for Colfinanzas Website. It’s going live in a couple of days.

  • fbx_LaCerca600x450.jpg

    La Cerca

    Oil on wood with spatula.
    50 x 37 cms.

  • fbx_Nochesdeflamenco600x362.jpg

    Noches De Flamenco

    Oil on wood.
    152 x 70 cms.
    US$ 1,300

  • fbx_Mirame600x276.jpg


    Oil on wood.
    40 x 40 cms x 2.

  • fbx_surcos600x358.jpg


    Oil on wood with spatula.

    152 x 70 cms.


  • fbx_Soledad600x432.jpg


    Oil on wood.
    45 x 30 cms.