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  • fbx_coltecmagazinead463x600.jpg

    Coltec Systems Magazine Ad

    Magazine Ad design for Coltec Systems. The Ad was published in Semana Magazine and Dinero Magazine, two of the most prestigious publications in Colombia.

  • fbx_Hotelpensiondeloeste600x377.jpg

    Hotel Pension Del Oeste Website

    Website design and programming for Hotel Pension del Oeste. The site uses jquery for animated navigation but the site has undergone some non-valid changes to its design from what I delivered. You can check it out in http://www.hotelpensiondeloeste.com

  • fbx_pasion600x561.jpg


    Oil on wood.
    65 x 65 cms.

  • fbx_LaSeorita366x336.jpg

    La Señorita

    Oil on wood.
    50 x 50 cms.

  • fbx_flyerpandelitaliano388x600.jpg

    Pane & Dolci Del Italiano Flyer Design

    Flyer designed to promote new products in Pane & Dolci del Italiano Bakery.

  • fbx_logohotelpensiondeloeste304x190.jpg

    Hotel Pension Del Oeste Logo

    Logo design for Hotel Pension del Oeste, in Cali, Colombia.

  • jce15.jpg

    Inresa Flyer

    Photography and Flyer Design for Inresa, an industrial safety company.

  • jce31.jpg

    Random Car Sketch

    A concept car sketch done with pencil and rendered with markers.

  • fbx_Expoclass600x375.jpg

    Expoclass Online Shop

    Online shop programming for Expoclass International Retailer. The online store was programmed according to the logistic and graphical needs of the costumer. The store has been working for over 3 years and is currently being installed as an online store for other retailers in colombia and mexico.

  • fbx_Almuerzos388x600.jpg

    Pane & Dolci De Italiano Menus

    Menu design for Pane & Dolci del Italiano Bakery.

  • fbx_fish600x600.jpg

    Top 5 Mecannical Characters

    These are the top 5 Fusebox Characters. The most wanted of all are now part of the Fusebox Character family!

  • fbx_tinkerbell600x420.jpg


    An illustration made while I tried out Corel Painter. Did I like to use Corel Painter? the results speak for themselves. Totally recomended.