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  • fbx_ciographicdesign600x568.jpg

    Compañia Industrial De Occidente Website

    Web design concept for Compañia Industrial de Occidente’s website.

  • fbx_logoscarypixel450x368.png

    Scary Pixel Logo

    Logo concept design for scarypixel brand.

  • fbx_logocio444x213.png

    Logo Compañia Industrial De Occidente

    Logo Design for plastics company Compañia Industrial de Occidente. This company is allways refered to by its initials “CIO” so the logo was designed to incorporate these 3 letters in the symbol.

  • fbx_LogoPandelItaliano.jpg

    Logo Pane & Dolci Del Italiano

    Logo for gourmet bakery Pane & Dolci Del Italiano

  • fbx_Lanegracelina600x462.jpg

    La Negra Celina

    Acrylics on Canvas.
    70 x 50 cms

  • fbx_vaquero410x600.jpg

    El Vaquero

    Acrylics on canvas.
    50 x 70 cms

  • fbx_3eyedpurplemonster574x372.jpg

    3 New MecannicalMonsters!

    These are some recent sketches I did in photoshop of random monsters. Just for fun :)

  • fbx_panforte600x521.jpg

    Píkolo Panforte Packaging

    Package design for Píkolo’s Panforte. The package is a carefully folded protective paper that when assembled protects the product and gives a uniquely pleasent aesthetic look and feel.

  • fbx_logomapale600x362.jpg

    Logo Mapalé

    Logo design for precolombian bags and accesories brand.

  • fbx_MyForestMonster600x371.jpg

    My Forest Monster Web Site

    The site for My Forest Monster Brand required programming and animation in flash and actionscript of all the delivered illustrated material. The result is a highly animated website in which every character recieved animated limbs, heads and eyes. Check it out at http://www.myforestmonster.com

  • fbx_escuelavirtual600x376.jpg

    ACC Virtual School Web App

    Web app design and programming of a virtual school for students who are trying out for a driving license. The application handles student registration, course modules with study material and multiple choice exams that are graded instantly. The implememntation of this web application has reduced paper and transportation costs both for the company and students.

  • fbx_coolassdonkey400x417.jpg

    3 New Mecannical Characters!

    3 new characters to the Fusebox Character family. Check out the video of how the squirrel was drawn at the end of this post.